Our commercial steel buildings are available in pre-engineered kits as well as custom sizes. We construct both welded and bolted structures for whichever fulfills your budget and preference. Strader Building, Inc. offers endless amenities in each building, including: door and window choices, insulation styles, roofing selections along with decorative options. We oversee all work performance in addition to completing permit requirements to ensure your plan complies with local building codes. If you are interested in a commercial building, such as a store, restaurant, church, fire station, or industrial warehouse, we will assist you each step of the way.

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Strader Building, Inc
8550 N. Washington
Stillwater, OK 74075

Residential Buildings

Jarrod Barlow (580) 504-4798

Cooper Groom (580) 307-4677

Commercial Buildings

Byrum Strader (405) 747-1675


HR/Payroll: Jamie McLain (918) 604-1784

AP/AR: Lyndee Strader (580) 370-0792