Residential Services

Whether you desire personalizing a residential steel shop building, garage, animal shelter, or storage building we can supply many options to suit your needs. Our pre-engineered kits provide you with the structural integrity to last a lifetime. You can choose between a welded or bolted building depending on your style. Steel residential projects can be specialized to fit your needs with decorative options such as columns and dormers. Strader Building, Inc. strives to communicate effectively to ensure completion and timeliness of your project. Choose from numerous sizes, styles, and colors or perhaps living quarters in your new livestock barn.

Steel Buildings

Our steel buildings come in two options:  bolt-up or weld-up.  Both of these options offer warranties and satisfaction guarantees.  The erection of the two are slightly different and depending on the size, location, and purpose of your building, we can help you decide which will best fit your needs.  Steel buildings are built to last, they can withstand many unfavorable weather conditions as well as provide long-term, low maintanence for you.  Many color, style, and accessory options are available enabling you to customize your new garage, shop building, or barn.

Living Area + Work Space

Steel framed shop buildings or barns with living quarters are an alternative option to the traditional stick framed house or split options.  They offer a savings on two structures and the convenience all in one.  Having the two under one roof provides an insurance savings and low maintenance for your new home and work or storage space.  Accessories are endless and will complete your project with simplicity or extravagance.